Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium's New Website Features The LastingMatters Organizer

Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium, with four locations in New Hampshire, recently launched a new website and promoted The LastingMatters Organizer as a valuable tool for pre-planning for the death of a loved one. The following is posted on their website:

Planning for a Death - Sometimes, when death is approaching, people become more open or able to talk about their final wishes. This can be a cathartic process for a family facing the loss of someone special. This conversation can include whether the person wants to be buried or cremated, what style of funeral or memorial service they envision, who should speak, and whether or what kind of meal to be served after the services.

Having this conversation accomplishes two important objectives. First, it ensures that your loved one’s wishes are known to the family, which reduces the possibility of conflict after the passing. Sometimes, we see family members with different ideas of what the deceased “would have wanted,” which can lead to unnecessary conflict during a very difficult time. Knowing what your loved one’s wishes are alleviates that burden.

Second, making the arrangements prior to the passing means that the family has fewer details to manage during a trying time. Whether you’ve had a few weeks or a year to prepare for this loss, the days after your loved one’s passing will be exceptionally challenging.  Knowing that you’ve focused on the details prior to that time can provide a small measure of relief.

The LastingMatters Organizer - The LastingMatters Organizer is a roadmap to your essential information and wishes. Don’t leave your legacy or important instructions to chance. Help those who care about you most by planning ahead for the future. Make sure those close to you know what you want, where to turn, and have the information they need at their fingertips. Use The LastingMatters Organizer to easily convey your wishes and instructions on matters like the disposition of your belongings, handling of your social media accounts, and to pass along information about financial matters, family traditions and history. The LastingMatters Organizer will save time and money, reduce stress and guesswork, minimize family arguments, and provide clear instructions. Help your family and friends find what matters most to you, while creating true peace-of-mind.