LastingMatters Video - A Favorite Resource for End-of-Life Conversations

The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care. The Conversation Project has collected advance care planning tools and valuable resources from individuals and organizations to make available to people around the country.

LastingMatters is dedicated to helping adults, at any age, compile, organize and document their personal information, wishes and intentions for when a life changing event occurs. LastingMatters created a video with Stefany Shaheen who shared her story about the importance of planning for the inevitable.

This LastingMatters video is included in the Community Resource Center for The Conversation Project as one of "a few of our favorite videos and recordings that convey the importance of having “the conversation.”

The videos, as well as other tools, can be used in presentations, on social media, or in newsletters to share the message about the importance and value of engaging in end-of-life conversations and planning ahead.

The LastingMatters Organizer is available at Amazon and LastingMatters.