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The LastingMatters eBook is an easy-to-use PDF guide for end-of-life planning

The LastingMatters eBook is a digital, fillable version of the organizer that allows you to fill out information within a PDF, save your information, and update as needed.  

The eBook uses easy to follow prompts and allows you to save and return to the document at any point, so you can fill it out at your leisure. Once you purchase the eBook, you can download it immediately. Features of the eBook include: 

  • Easy to use prompts and tips to help you navigate each section

  • Instantly downloadable file 

  • Lots of space to help you answer questions your way

  • Gift the eBook to your family, friends, clients and employees

Warning: The LastingMatters Organizer fillable PDF may only be electronically filled out in Adobe Acrobat or the most recent version of Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader is a free download from Adobe, available here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

If you attempt to use another application (such as Preview or a web browser) to fill out this document, some functionality may be disabled, and you will not be able to save your changes.



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The LastingMatters Organizer is a beautifully printed book for end-of-life planning

The LastingMatters Organizer is a beautiful book designed to guide you easily through the process, providing practical tips and prompts along the way. Its straightforward approach means there’s very little reading to wade through. You can immediately start considering and/or documenting your information. 

Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of life, making it simple for you and your loved ones to find the right information at exactly the right time:

  1. Immediate Matters

  2. Financial Matters

  3. Real Estate Matters

  4. Personal Property Matters

  5. Private Matters

  6. End-of-Life Matters

Please contact Barb for bulk discount pricing of The LastingMatters Organizer.

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