What is Crisis?

The word "crisis" congures up a plethora of definitions and sharp images that come to mind depending on one's life experiences, or what is headlined in our 24/7/365  stream of news reporting, or your own fruitful imagination as well as recalling your nightmare from last nights dream.

There is an inherent "push back" reaction to taking that bold leap, or even baby steps, toward creating  plans for crisis management.  Sometimes taking that first step depends on your age, your health, your attitude, and mostly because of your own personal experiences or exposure to any kind of crisis you have recently experienced or in the past.

Imagine what "crisis"  means now to those living in Newtown, CT; or those that experienced the crisis of the Boston Marathon bombings; or those that ran from the collapsing towers in Lower Manhattan on 9/11; or those that have served our Country in war.

There are things you can do to prepare for a crisis and there are things that you cannot.  Try to focus on thinking about planning for the "what if's?"

Preparing for the inevitable event of death is not so hard to do.

It's just that people are uncomfortable talking about death, and therefore have a hard time taking steps to plan accordingly.

I read recently the following quote from an article about Crisis Managment for Organizations, which is applicable to any kind of crisis planning, including planning for your death:

"Always have a plan.  If you don't have a plan, then at least have some planning.  If you don't have any planning, then you better be ready.  If you are not ready, then expect the worst, hope for the best and remember that you didn't plan for what happens next"

Here are some of the "cons" from a lack of planning:

  • It will always cost more in the end.
  • It will always take more time.
  • It will always take more effort.
  • It will always cause more disagreements.
  • It will always create guesswork.
  • It will always complicate the decision making process.
  • It will always lack clarity.
  • The outcome is never what was intended had a plan been in place.

Don't wait for a crisis to occur to make a plan.  Start now!  

Help those left behind that will eventually be picking up the assorted pieces of your life and attempt to reassemble them. 


Now What? Now What?

What is the best tip you have ever had for crisis management?

Please share your tips with me in the comments below.