Weapons and Bullets and Guns, Oh My!

There are 4 million members of the NRA.

There are 240 million guns in the United States of America alone.

It is not my intention to comment as to whether or not citizens have the right to bear arms, but it is my intention to have you think about what happens to your weapons, guns, or your gun collection, when you die.

There are many reasons why people own guns. Some people own guns for purposes of hunting and others own guns for protection. Some people own guns even though they don't like them! 

No matter what your reason is for owning a gun, when you die, someone has to deal with what to do with your weapons.

If you own a weapon, please consider the following:

1. Does anyone know that you own a gun?

2. When you die, do your loved ones know the combination, password or location of the key in order to get into your locked gun safe?  (I presume that as a gun owner your guns are stored safely)

3. Does anyone know how many guns you own and where they are located?

4. Do your loved ones know if  your weapons are armed?

Let's imagine what might happen in the event you die suddenly.

Have you made any plans for the disposition of your weapons?

Guns are considered an asset, just like any other material possession.  You can either be remembered as being totally responsible for the safe transfer of this kind of asset, or you can be known as having been completely irresponsible. Guns are not something to take lightly or mess around with. 

There is always the option of creating a gun trust which, in light of the current regulatory environment, is not such a bad idea if you happen to possess guns.

For those of you who want to education yourselves about Gun Trusts, here's the link to a March 19 Webinar titled "Gun Trusts and the Art of Protecting Your Clients Firearms for Future Generations".

I believe that knowledge is power. So is making a plan. If you have guns, or weapons, on your list of assets, please prepare for what happens to those firearms when you die.

Do you have any gun stories to share with me?