Remembering Newtown's Deaths

Here is an image of what you might imagine happens on a daily basis in our elementary schools. 

It is doubtful that you missed the headline news one year ago, on December 14, 2012, when a young man forever changed the lives of many families as well as an entire town in a way that still summens up strong feelings of anger and disbelief.

A quaint elementary school in a quiet peaceful town in Connecticut became a horrific scene on a crisp December morning.  The image above was replaced with images never to be erased from our memories.

Sandy Hook Elementary School was like any other elementary school in our nation-full of the daily cheerful laughter and banter of school age kids and the devoted, loving and dedicated guidance of the adults in charge, whose jobs were to teach children the ABC's, as well as how to behave and how to be kind and to respect each other.

20 year old Adam Lanza not only took the lives of so many innocent people, he a took away any parents peace of mind thinking their child is going to be safe and secure while attending school.   

The Newtown shooting is not the kind of event anyone could have predicted or be totally prepared for. Yet, with each of these senseless shootings, such as Columbine and Virginia Tech, we try to figure out if or how it could have been prevented as well as how can we protect our children during the ordinary pace of the school day while they sit in classes learning math, history, or a language.

Newtown has decided not to commemorate the year anniversary of the tragic murders of twenty first graders and six adults at Sandy Hook in the "usual" way our nation commemorates these kind of horrific events. There will be no public ceremonies; no public remarks or gatherings. The families will light candles to honor their loved ones privately. There will be personal reflections and tears amongst the families and friends and townspeople who have yet to recover, if one ever can, from the scope of this massacre.

The families of the Newtown victims have asked us to to honor those who lost their lives by practicing random acts of kindness! Volunteer in your town! A statement delivered by several family members asked "That some measure of good may be returned to the world".

What a great message! Practice random acts of kindness each and every day. 

So, what do you plan to do?

The families have created a website call "" for those of you wishing to post a rememberance. No doubt it will be overflowing with love and faith and healing messages.

If you have any thoughts to share with me, please do so in the comments below.