Keys, keys and more keys.

Have you ever come across any unknown, unmarked keys such as the ones pictured above?

Did you happen to find them in a strange place where you not only wondered what they were doing in that location, but, more importantly, you wondered what did those keys actually open?

It is hard enough keeping track of which keys open what when you are the owner and you are still alive. Now imagine the problems that arise when you die and someone else is left to figure out the puzzle!

When my grandparents died, my parents spent countless hours on weekends cleaning out their home of fifty plus years.  They discovered many unmarked keys.  Keys to old chests. Keys to desks. Keys to bureaus and filing cabinets.  Lots of keys!

The same situation occurred when my other grandparents died.  There was even a small, funny shaped key to open the grandfather clock that stood in the hallway of their home.

We have all inherited boxes of keys that no one really knows what they go to.

Needless to say, unmarked keys become quite a problem when the inevitable happens.

Consider this list:

  • Car keys
  • Safe deposit box keys
  • Wall safe keys
  • Trunk keys
  • Bureau keys
  • Filing cabinet keys
  • Exterior doors and patio keys
  • Interior doors
  • Window locks
  • Jewelry Box key
  • Gun safe key
  • Locker keys
  • Cabinet locks

Without a clear mark on, or attached to, a key, one is left with the frustrating task of the “hit or miss” process of elimination when attempting to match which key opens which locked device.

Worse case scenario?  You will need a locksmith to gain access to any locked items.

So don’t wait. For the sake of your family, help those family members or friends who will most likely be scratching their heads at some point in the future, wondering which key goes where.

While you are at it,  there is also the issue of combinations…