Corgenius and LastingMatters - At the Heart of What Matters Most

Corgenius and LastingMatters are companies founded after personal experiences with loss and grief inspired their founders to solve problems that most people tend to tip-toe around. With a deep understanding of, and compassion for, what really happens when someone dies, both companies tackle the challenges associated with planning and communicating before and after death. 

Amy Florian is the heart and soul behind Corgenius – a company founded on “helping support and interact with a person who is grieving a life-changing loss”.  Watch Amy’s video as she passionately shares her story of personal loss. Her young husband’s sudden accidental death left her a widow at age 25 with an infant son to raise, with no map or directions to guide her.  Amy quickly learned that those who attempted to serve her and care for her were not exactly in tune with what she needed in her grief.

Amy embarked on a lifelong journey of personal healing, culminating in a mission to help educate professionals with clarity, compassion, and a clear action plan, so they can change the way they approach and interact with grieving clients facing major life transitions.

Through her own experience plus the experience of working with over 2000 grieving people, Amy found that what people want and truly need from those who serve them is straightforward empathy and genuine support.  Yet, like most of us, very few professionals in healthcare or service fields are adept and comfortable discussing difficult topics like transition, illness, dying, aging, dementia, and grief, because we are never taught.  In fact, most of us pick up what everyone else says and does and just perpetuate the mistakes.

Amy is doing everything she can to change that. Backed up by her husband Ken, Amy's array of training sessions teach how to embrace the elephant in the room and effectively communicate with grieving clients - allowing empathy and compassion to lead the way.  She backs up her training with her guidebook titled "No Longer Awkward: Communicating with Clients through the Toughest Times of Life". 

There are 10,000 Boomers celebrating their 65th birthday every single day, and 71% of them have at least one living parent. As Amy says, "We had a baby boom. We're in for a death boom. And we are not prepared." Eventually, we all come face-to-face with experiences of grief, dying and death.  When professionals can approach these situations confident that they know how to communicate and support clients in the midst of it, they build strong, long-lasting bonds with those clients. 

Corgenius recommends LastingMatters in the training presentations, and especially the use of The LastingMatters Organizer as a comprehensive planning tool and resource that prepares clients and their families ahead of time, reducing stress, guilt, second-guessing, and family arguments. 

Death is inevitable. It’s time we all learn how to get to the heart of what matters most, both in honest preparation beforehand and in supporting people through those most difficult experiences of life. These two dynamic businesses - Corgenius and LastingMatters - change the way we approach the inherently difficult topic of death and dying with great compassion, dedication, and expertise.