Cemeteries - Prime Real Estate

Have you ever noticed that many cemeteries are located in what could be easily described as prime real estate

Some of the most beautiful water views in the world are home to acres of headstones in peaceful and serene settings. As you drive along windy country roads you can find centuries old cemeteries that are nestled into beautiful wooded areas.  The cemeteries that abutt homes tend to create a feeling of  "land conservation".  Presumably those cemeteries will never be bulldozed down for real estate development or paved roads. The land and the souls that reside in these coveted cemeteries are certainly well respected among the living.


These folks have a beautiful cemetery which surrounds their home perched on a hill. allowing them some very quiet and respectful neighbors!  


Do you or would you consider living next to a cemetery?  Please share with me your thoughts and reasoning.