The Sad Case of Casey Kasem - The Lack of Planning for Death

In case you hadn’t heard, Casey Kasem died last week.  The news of his death was not, however, a huge surprise.

A family battle over Casey’s end-of-life care, treatment and intentions was the predominant story for several weeks- a feud played out in public and highlighted in various media outlets.

Could this feud have been avoided? A resounding yes! 

Clearly, there was a huge breakdown in communication between Casey, his children and his wife about what Casey wanted and what he intended for his end-of-life care.  A lack of planning for death and the lack of communicating one's plan and wishes are at the heart of this common problem. Dealing with differences of opinion, or the interpretation of conversations, during a time of crisis can, and should, be avoided. 

A written record of one’s wishes and intentions is a gift to family members and eliminates the guesswork that can create family rifts that will undoubtedly continue long after the death of a family member. 

Imagine the soaring costs that were associated with this legal battle! Furthermore, the end result is the same-no matter who “won” the court battle, Casey died. 

Boomers are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 per day according to the Pew Research center.  And that increasing trend will continue for the next one,or even two, decades.  It’s time for each and every adult to make a clear plan for the inevitable so that the example of Casey’s final days is not commonplace.  

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Will our memories of Casey Kasem be forever clouded by this public famly fight? Let's hope that is not the case. After all, he should fondly be remembered as a radio icon- at least to us Boomers!