Honey, What's Your Password?

Let’s face it. We live in a sophisticated, technologically driven world whether we like it or not.  Like most things in life, that happens to be both good and bad news.

But with technology comes passwords, usernames,  and PIN numbers. Not only are we instructed to keep these in a “safe” place, we are challenged with the task, on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, of remembering what password goes with what.

So how do we keep all our passwords and usernames straight while we gracefully age and our short term memories grow a bit dimmer with each passing day?

Digital assets may be important to access in order to retrieve information, secure your data, or to turn off your accounts when you die.  Without the benefit of your usernames and passwords, this becomes a very complex and difficult task for your loved ones.

Consider the following:

Smartphones, Blackberries, home computers, Ipads, Tablets, Kindles, office computers, On-line banking, Paypal, ATM, photo sharing accounts, social networks , dating sites, on-line shopping accounts, etc., etc., etc.

Each of these has a password or username or PIN that will be required in order to gain access.

It’s hard enough remembering them when you are the person who set up those passwords. Now think about what happens when you die!

Do you have your passwords written down and stored in a safe place?

Do your loved ones know that you have actually made a list and know where it is hidden?

Have you purchased one of those Apps that takes care of storing your passwords?  Even so, someone needs to “know” that you have a password storage App and will need to “know” the password in order to get into your password storage account when you  become incapacitated or when you die.

Digital databases are a part of our financial lives.  It is very important to think this through and prepare for “when” your loved ones will need access to your digital accounts. Planning for end-of-life will save your family time and reduce stress and frustration when closing down your digital afterlife.

Do you have a story to share about passwords? Please share in the comments section below.