Father's Day

Why does Father's Day feel different than Mother's Day?

Is it because Fathers have different roles in our society than Mothers?

Is it because we pause on this day in June to reflect upon our relationship with our Father vs. our relationship with our Mother? 

Or, is it because the day is celebrated in different ways: Father's Day might involve barbeques, golf, fishing, beer, ties,  and other "guy things"  instead of the pampering, flowers, dining out or cooking a meal for Mom, together with displays of affection that so aptly consume Mother's Day?

Father's Day must feel different to a daughter than it does to a son.  It's hard to explain, but I think you all know what I mean.  

I consider myself extremely lucky.  I happen to have the best father on the planet....on par with my husband, who is a great Dad to my three kids. I am so grateful to have two wonderful fathers in my life!  My brother is a great Dad to his three sons too!

This is how I feel about Boo-MYBOO License Plate

That's right:  My Boo!  Though I am willing to share with my brother and others.....


Yesterday, the headlines splashed with the sad news of James Gandolfini's sudden death at age 51 of a heart attack.  He leaves behind a young family, including his son who just graduated from 8th grade.  I imagine that the Gandolfini family celebrated a great Father's Day last Sunday.  Father's Day will never be the same for them again.  The experience of a sudden death of a parent changes everything in a moment. 

Perhaps you will remember the tragic story several years ago in Cheshire, Connecticut, of Dr. William Petit, a physician and wonderful family man, whose wife and two daughters were brutally murdered by two evil home intruders.  He survived one horror only to find himself waking up to another as the lone survivor.  A recent article featured in Esquire magazine revisits Dr. Petit's story and allows a glimpse of a Father, who lost everything, has managed to crawl back into the light of day and even find joy in life as he recently married a lovely young lady.  Bill Petit often spoke about what it meant to him to have "lost his role as a father" when his daughters died...though I would be bold enough to say that he has been, and is now, a father to the many young girls and boys who he sheparded through their grieving process alongside him. The Petit Family Foundation is thriving and doing so many good deeds. 

                                                                                              Happy Father's Day Dr. Petit.

Two favorite quotes for Father's Day to share with you:

"To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter" (Euripides)

"The greatest thing a father can do to his children is to love their mother" (Anjaneth Garcia Untalan)

I hope that I am as "dear" to Boo, as he is "dear" to me... and I am comforted to know that Boo loved Nonnie very much.

As much as Father's Day and Mother's Day are formally recognized and celebrated one day each year, the truth is that when you become a parent, everyday is Father's and Mother's Day!  right? 


Happy Father' s Day Boo!